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Carys Bowen Artwork

I am a nerdy Scottish goth making a career out of my passions!

I am a concept artist, character and creature designer, illustrator, and storyboard artist.

As an artist my passion is creating characters and artwork with attention given to the finer details in order to best express their personality.

I love creating art that ranges from cute to creepy, monstrous to beautiful, and often bridges the realms between the two.


Work Experiance

Comic Illustrator. 08/2023-02/2024

  • Finalise concept sketches

  • Draw and colour full comic pages

  • Hold to hard deadlines

TTRPG Illustrator. 06/2023-Present

  • Work closely with game designer to sketch and illustrate the artwork to decorate the games packeging

  • Develop a unique art style to define the game

  • Design the games logo

Title Card Illustrator. 03/2023-12/2023

  • Sketch and fully design and render illustrations to be used as title cards and backgrounds in YouTube audio story videos

  • Collaborate with the creative lead to ensure their vision

Concept Artist. 01/2022-10/2022

  • Working closely and collaborating with the Art Director and other artists

  • Designing unique creatures and races for a fantasy world

  • Establishing the art style for an animated series


Character Artist. 07/2021-09/2023

  • Cleaning up early character designs ensuring they align with the Directors vision

  • Creating final illustrations of the characters to be used as assets within the game


Storyboard Artist. 03/2020-06/2022

  • Working alongside the Director to achieve their vision

  • Translate and clean up rough storyboards into final boards

  • Work along a tight project deadline


Character Designer. 08/2020-09/2021

  • Collaborate with the Director, Art Director, and other artists

  • Create character sheets of the finalised designs as reference for animators


Background Artist. 01/2019-01/2020

  • Finalise background art to be used in animation

  • Conceptualise background shots


Freelance Artworks. 2017-Present

  • Working with a variety of clients

  • Creating artworks exactly to clients’ specifications

  • Ensuring regular and reliable communication of projects progress

  • Produce works including video thumbnails, character designs, portraits, illustrations, and storyboards

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University Education​

Masters in Illustration at the Edinburgh College of Art. MFA with Merit. 2020

Joint Honours degree in the History of Art and English at the University of Edinburgh.

Literature. 2:1. 2018


Character Design

Character Art

Character Layouts

Concept Artist

Visual Development




Watercolour paint


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